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Games are all about wasting money


Matrix Hunt is about making money

NO, a real thing




How does it work?

  • Each player makes a bet.

  • The bets form a bank.

  • The spot where the bank is hidden appears on the map.

  • The players have to hop from one location within the spot to another as they try to decipher a code for each next location, thus approaching the bank.

  • The fittest (and smartest) one takes all.

  • It’s as simple as that.


Money is all around you

So… that’s technically gambling?


Yeah. We’re open about where the money comes from.


The only source of money we pay as winnings is player bets.

We accept a bet – and give a chance to win x1,000 that much.


Money won't wait. Run, hunter!

We keep our players on their toes

The winner will need to walk 10,000 to 12,000 steps around their neighborhood
and solve 6 to 10 brain fitness rounds

Be quick!

Who will want it?

​Everyone who

  • believes they can make some extra cash by being smarter than other people (and that’s basically everyone!).

  • would rather bet on their skill than on pure chance.

  • would like to jazz up their walking and/or brain fitness routine.


Money is a mind-breaker. Be smart!

How safe is it?

We will use crypto (Solana) to accept bets and pay winnings
in the most secure and transparent way possible
while avoiding the extensive regulation governing fiat currency gambling.

Our players will get their winnings no matter what.


Money is wanted by many. Have a Hound.

Be brave!


What about NFT?

  • We do have NFT creatures – Matrix Hounds – but we’re NOT another NFT game.

  • The Hound is generated automatically based on the user’s Health app data…

  • …and leveled up by improving one’s daily routines and fitness performance...

  • …such as completing more levels in the game.

  • The Hounds are used to resolve a draw: the situation when several players reach the bank at the same time.


Money loves finders! Keep making money

That’s our fittest players…
…and our early investors

Project Timeline

  1. Q3 2022

    Playtesting & Prototyping

  2. Q4 2022

    Gathering Initial Audience & Traction

  3. Q2 2023

    Soft Release Version

  4. Q3 2023



Money won't make itself. Meet the makers.

  • LinkedIn

Ingrid Wolf


MBA & Storyteller

IMAGE 2022-05-14 01_50_26_edited.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Dima Choock


Programmer & Game Designer

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